Episode 28. Productivity Power Up: Is Digital Clutter Killing Your Productivity?

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • A simple system for organizing all of your digital files
  • Why it’s important to keep all your files in only one space. 

If I asked you how you organize your digital files, could you even describe your system? How much time do you spend looking for files on your computer when you really need them? Probably more than you’d prefer! In today’s episode, I am sharing some super simple but time-saving tips for how to set up and manage your digital files. You may not even be aware of how cluttered digital files are stealing your productivity, but implementing my system for organizing your files will be a breath of fresh air! 

My Tips for Managing Digital Files : 

  1. Only use one type of digital drive. (Google, iCloud, DropBox) 
  2. Don’t save any files to your desktop. (This keeps everything centrally located) 
  3. Organize your drive into 3 Main Folders: 


  • Content>Video/Audio/Photos, etc
  • Operations & Financial>Finances for the year, Team Resources
  • Clients>Separate folder for each client


  • One file for each family member

Personal Development

  • All courses/materials/downloads
  • Keep this structure in your email as well

(The more you keep things consistent and prevents from getting side-tracked.) 

If you are ready to work ON your business instead of IN your business (and stop letting things fall through the cracks) 
Thanks for Listening!
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It’s really hard to file things in two places and remember where you put them!”

Brittany Dixon

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