Episode 08. Productivity Power Up: Money Making Routines

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Everyone knows daily routines are critical to our productivity in business but are your daily routines creating revenue? 

Regardless of the length of your to-do list, I challenge you to make sure you are incorporating three things into your day so you can consistently experience a return on your investment of time and energy, rather than just being busy and exhausted!

In this episode you’ll learn:

Create a simple money making routine every day by….

  • Reaching out to 2 people that you have talked to previously and ask how you could support them. 
  • Finding 2 new people to invite to a coffee chat or any other lunch or networking opportunity. 
  • Posting one thing on at least one social media platform a day so that you stay consistent with your visibility. 
If you are ready to work ON your business instead of IN your business (and stop letting things fall through the cracks) 
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“As long as you are doing these three things consistently, you will start seeing a difference in your revenue and the people that are coming to you.” 

-Brittany Dixon

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