Episode 23. When It’s Time To Make Changes

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In this episode, I’m getting super honest and vulnerable with you as I share the inside scoop on some huge changes I’ve made in my business recently. Though these shifts were intentional and ultimately beneficial, it was a bumpy road getting there. All these changes taught me a lot-including how not to implement changes, which is why I want to share these lessons with you. I’d like to guide you through some important pieces of the decision-making process so you can avoid jumping from software to software in search of the magic bullet. Spoiler alert: there is none! But I can help you understand why! 

I will walk you through the process of transitioning each of the biggest tools I use in my business and most importantly why I knew that it was time to make the shift. It was difficult to make these changes, but it was becoming clear that I had outgrown the functionality of certain tools while others were actually too complex for the needs of my business. My biggest piece of advice when considering what changes to make in your business is to not to go it alone. Ask for input and consider hiring an expert to avoid getting stuck and overwhelmed with a tool you don’t need or isn’t generating profit for you. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How I knew it was time to transition to using a different software
  • Why it’s critical to look at the big picture in your business when making changes
  • How easy it is to get stuck losing time and money using “bandaid” and “duct tape” fixes  
  • Why it’s wise to hire someone to implement changes in tools and software

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“I was building this machine with parts that didn’t go together and I had to force them to fit together and try to duct tape them together and it just wasn’t working as efficiently as I needed to and it didn’t fit my business goals.”

-Brittany Dixon

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