Episode 46. Cre8ive Growth With Craig Chavis

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Craig Chavis is the owner of Cre8tive Craig and I met at a workshop that I taught back in 2019. We connected over coffee and found out we have a lot of the same ideals when it comes to business. We also both work with cre8tives. He has just released his new book, “Burdens of a Dream.”  

Craigs Action Nuggets of Wisdom For Cre8ive Growth:
1) Accept your emotions, so you accept and build on logic to solve the problems or create a new business. 
2) Adjusting to demand, online, changing services during the time of the COVID crisis. 
3)Don’t accept NO for an answer. Find out if you can go under, around, or over the problem. 
Craig’s Insight On His Process For Profit
1) Craig had to identify the bottlenecks
2) He wanted to identify processes to make systems run smoother so he could focus on the future.
3) You don’t have to suffer and hustle as an entrepreneur, so he found ways to generate profits without him being on site.  
Craig says, “Trust but verify” with information that is brought to you by people. He also tells me that you need to “Take Action.” Take risks and move forward. 

Find Craig Chavis online at cre8ivecraig.com
You can get Craig’s book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Burdens-Dream-Actionable-Creative-Entrepreneur/dp/1647460212 .

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