Episode 54. How To Use Email To Stand Out From Your Competition

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Most marketing emails are … boring. Really, really, boring. And Daniel Throssell is on a mission to change that. He’s a sales copywriter who’s worked with many of the biggest brands in Australia. So far he’s made his clients more than $20 million in sales, and been called “the best marketer in Australia”.   Today he still writes copy for his clients — but he also shows copywriters and business owners how to write fun emails that stand out from the competition, build stronger brands, and make more sales. Best of all? He has his own daily email list at persuasivepage.com which shows you how to be fun, entertaining and true to yourself while still selling to your customers and growing your business.

I will ask Daniel about how to flip email from being ‘just another to-do’ to something you ENJOY and that actually makes you sales! His three-step method that creates an email framework. The ‘dinner table strategy’ for conjuring up email ideas whenever you need them.

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