Episode 58. When Your Strategy Needs To Shift

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We all know that has been the theme of 2020. Being flexible and pivoting!

What happens when you create this grand master plan for your year, your quarter, your month, your week or your day, and then you have to make changes to it?

How do you keep up with those changes, and how do you make sure that you are making the right shift vs. creating distractions or losing momentum. 

There is a quote that I love 

“Pivoting isn’t a plan B – It’s part of the Process” -Jeff Goins

Pivoting and shifting MUST happen. If they aren’t happening, you are stagnant and not growing. 

You have a grand plan for your day, then an appointment gets shifted, or you have to do something that wasn’t in the plan that takes longer than it was supposed to. 

SHIFT happens – Daily. 

But we want to make sure that when we are shifting, everything is still in alignment with the big picture strategy.

Be a Better CEO and Stop Letting Things Slip Through the Cracks!! 

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