Episode 65. Why SEO Is Better Than Social

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Are you a small business owner struggling to find clients…..or even get potential clients to visit your website? Are you posting over and over again to social media without any real traction to show for it? 

Well, this episode is for you!

Today we are going to give you tips for sustainable traffic from search engines, and helping us is Kim Herrington of Kimberly Herrington.  

Kim Herrington is a SEO Consultant and Digital Marketing Expert that helps service providers, online experts, and course creators get more website traffic with SEO and marketing strategies that focus on increasing traffic with less work. Kim has worked with people like Sarah Von Bargen, Paul Jarvis, and many more to increase organic traffic as much as 1,000%.

Did you know that a social media post has an average shelf life of just 14 MINUTES!? 

Follow Kim on Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/kimherrington_/
Visit Kim’s website- https://kimberlyherrington.com/
Want Kim’s Search Traffic Guide? Click https://kimberlyherrington.com/search-traffic-guide
Interested in learning more about her Agency ORSANNA? Head here for more info- https://www.orsanna.com/

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