Episode 68. Eliminate To Accelerate

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Are you like me where you have 37,000 thoughts and ideas bouncing around your brain at all times and no solid focus? You want to run a successful business, but keep finding yourself lost in the forest because you’re so focused on one tree? Well, this episode is for you!

Today we are going to be talking about eliminating things from your business to be able to accelerate growth. Yes, less is more!

Less is more when it comes to products, services, projects, tasks, things on your calendar and……just generally……things you say yes to.

  • Less Stuff = More Space. Having less stuff creates more space. …
  • Less Spending = More Money. …
  • Less Clothes= More Closet Space. …
  • Less Furniture= More Room. …
  • Less Social Media = More Time to Read. …
  • Less Driving = More Walking. …
  • Less Stress = More Sleep. …
  • Less Working Hard = More Working Smart.

Complexity causes confusion for your followers, your customers and your team members. If you simplify your life, you simplify your processes, which leads to a more efficient, successful business! Isn’t that what you’re really striving for?

Using my “ROAD to Scalability” method is a great first step in achieving this! 

R- Recognize
O- Optimize
A- Automate
D- Document and Delegate

Be a Better CEO and Stop Letting Things Slip Through the Cracks!!

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