Episode 78. Simple Client Onboarding

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Client onboarding is a critical first step when taking on customers within your business. Are you struggling with onboarding clients and making them feel at ease with the products/services they’ve purchased from you? In this episode, I’ll walk you ways to make Client Onboarding a breeze and give you some tips that have worked for me in building my business!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Things you’ll need to ease your onboarding process from Day 1.
  • How your onboarding process can help you stand out from your competition and ultimately land MORE clients.
  • Not every onboarding process is the same…..they should vary depending on each thing you offer.
  • My R.O.A.D. to Scalability method- Recognize, Optimize, Automate, Document & Delegate- and how it can simplify your onboarding processes.

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Brittany’s Client Onboarding Workflow 

Quote from the show-“If you have a smooth onboarding process, if you are super-organized, if you have checklists, if you walk them through an experience, you’re going to stand out over top a lot of people. So, not just the service you offer, and your value that you’re going to bring. But, because of your process and how organized you are on the backend…..they’re going to feel more taken care of that you’re an organized person, organized business owner, and then they’re going to feel more confident for doing that investment with you.”

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1 thought on “Episode 78. Simple Client Onboarding”

  1. I learn so much from your podcast episodes! I am a new-ish entrepreneur (a copywriter) and not naturally gifted in the areas of systems and processes. You’ve helped me a great deal when it comes to getting set up to be more efficient, more effective, and less stressed! Thank you, Brittany!!

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