Episode 93. Out of Your Head and Into Your Bank Account

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Who’s ready to take all the ideas you have in your head and turn them into revenue? Today’s episode is a bit more interactive than most, so come with something to write with! In this episode, we’re talking about ways to take all those things that you want to offer in your business and reverse-engineer them into smaller parts to make them achievable. Come ready to braindump, people!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to set realistic long-term goals in your business and make them achievable 
  • Thinking about a marketing campaign to connect the projects in your business you want people to know about
  • Why it’s important to de-clutter your processes in order to streamline your thinking and have a clearer picture 
  • Giving your high-level projects a manageable timeline and then breaking that timeline down into monthly projects that will help you hit your goals

Quote from the show – “You have to reverse-engineer everything, and you have to plan your year before you can plan your day, or you will be spinning your wheels.”

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