Brittany Dixon

Business without Burnout

See How Our Clients Went From Overwhelmed to Optimized.

Don't Take it from me

Our Clients Results

Gained Clarity In Areas of Business that Needed Improvement

Implemented Business Password Systems for Peace of Mind & Safety

Organized Email, Files & Information to Stop the Digital Clutter Frustration

Saved 10 Hours Per Week with Organized Digital Workspace

Saved $2,000 Per Year In Unused Software Expenses

Found $100,000 of Open Leads & Untapped Revenue with an Organized CRM

Added AR Software to Automate the Billing Collections Process

Created KPI & Metrics System to Incentivize Employees to Improve Productivity

Gave Business Owner Two, 2 Week Personal Vacations from the Business

Added Time for Family, Self Care, Hobbies & Interests into The Schedule

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Our Process - Let's Talk!

We Make It Easy To Get Started!

Our Process is Pretty Streamlined & Straight Forward (You wouldn't expect otherwise right?!) We want to dive in, figure out whats working and not working and get it fixed FAST!

Hop on a Discovery Call so we can Learn Your Business & Specific Needs

Complete the Proposal, Contract & Payment to Schedule Kickoff

Kickoff Call We Dive In and Create the Custom Strategy & Implementation Plan

Enjoy a Streamlined Business, Work Less & Have Peace of Mind.

How We Implement Custom Strategy & Systems

Purge & Detox

Step 1:

Complete a Business & Systems Audit to Find Excess Expenses, Lost Time and Clean The Digital Business Clutter that is holding you back from Growth.

Processes & Systems

Step 2:

Do More With Less. Simplify how you Work and the time you waste by Streamlining Your Processes & Systems.

Planning & Strategy

Step 3:

Make sure that your Systems Support your Visionary Strategies & Plans for sustainable growth that will not lead to burnout or working more.

Productivity on Purpose

Step 4:

Take consistent action & be held accountable to hitting those big goals and dreams with other business owners

Overwhelmed to Optimized

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So Here We Are....

What Does Your Life Look Like If Nothing Changes?

You will have More Ideas.
You will have More Goals.
You will have More Plans.
You will have More Dreams.

And yet, if you don't have system to organize everything - what happens?

And yet, if You don't set aside the time To implement them - what happens?

You guessed it. You will be in the SAME PLACE, with the SAME GOALS Year After Year. You will be Frustrated and Overwhelmed.

You Have a Choice. Do This or Do Nothing.

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