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"Brittany has helped me to go from not understanding CRMs and workflows in my side hustle to implementing a system that serves me right now from an automation perspective. I went from 5 notebooks, 4 different platforms and spreadsheets down to just using Asana for project management and 17 Hats for my client hub. I gave her the reigns to setting it up for me and we had it done in a day! I've never seen someone work so fast before. I highly recommend Brittany when it comes to systems setup and integrations for any small business owner."

-Ann Marie Tamrowski,

"With Brittany’s support, we implemented a task management system to help document our processes and streamline communication of work to be done. It’s saved us so much time and has helped decrease our stress levels of tasks needed to be done. We finally feel in control of our task list and I feel more relaxed releasing all of the tasks and processes from my brain into our system!"

-Airielle Dotson

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