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Our Process - Let's Talk!

We Make It Easy To Get Started!

Our Process is Pretty Streamlined & Straight Forward (You wouldn't expect otherwise right?!) We want to dive in, figure out whats working and not working and get it fixed!

Hop on a Discovery Call so we can Learn Your Business & Specific Needs

Sign On & Schedule Onboarding & Kickoff Call

We Dive Into Phase 1 to Review, Assess & Create a Plan of Attack.

Last is Phase 4 where you have a full Operations Playbook to Grow & Scale.

How We Implement Our Framework

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Phase 1

Review, Assessment & Planning

- Onboarding & Kickoff

- Audit & Evaluation

- Profit & Strategic Efficiency Plan

In this phase we will set project expectations and gather all necessary information & also gain access to tools needed. Next, we will be conducting a comprehensive Audit & Evaluation where we dive into your current business foundations, client journey, sales processes, financials, systems audit and more.  Finally, we create a Profit & Strategic Efficiency Plan for moving forward together which will include organizational and division goals, objectives & project plans along with prioritized plans for improving systems & processes to achieve those goals.

Phase 2

Optimization & Implementation

- Prioritized Efficiency Initiatives 

- Dashboard Assessment

- Team Training

- Engagement ROI Review

Here we are optimizing your current operations & implementing the necessary resources, tools, systems, processes and team training for increased business efficiency.  Here, we begin the implementation of the Prioritized Efficiency Initiatives defined in the Profit & Strategic Efficiency Plan. As we begin to collect actual data, we will conduct a Dashboard Assessment that reveals the performance of our changes based on agreed upon metrics.  Along the way, Team Training will occur as systems and processes are implemented to ensure everyone knows how to operate at high levels of productivity.  Lastly, we will continue to make adjustments in this phase until an Engagement ROI Review proves that new revenue, cost reductions, or productivity achieved during our collaboration equals or exceeds twice the price of Phase 3 in this Agreement.

Phase 3

Automation & Refinement

- Gap Analysis 

- Prioritized Automation & Refinement Initiatives

- Engagement ROI Review

In this phase we focus on additional refinement of internal operations, systems & processes as well as creating automations to improve results toward maximization.  We begin with a Gap Analysis that uncovers the strengths and weaknesses in our updated operations, systems and processes that can be addressed with corrective measures. Then, we begin the Implementation of agreed upon Prioritized Automation & Refinement Initiatives that build upon the Profit & Strategic Efficiency Plan.  Similarly to Phase 2, we will continue to make adjustments in this phase until an Engagement ROI Review proves that new revenue, cost reductions, or productivity achieved during our collaboration equals or exceeds twice the price of Phase 4 in this Agreement.

Phase 4

Documentation & Delegation

- Operations Playbook

- Profit & Strategic Efficiency Plan

- Prioritized Scalability Strategies

- Final Engagement ROI Review

Phase 4 turns our attention toward future expansion. We start by finalizing all documentation for processes and automations in the Operations Playbook for the company to follow and continually update upon for future changes.  Next, we will revise the Profit & Strategic Efficiency Plan to reflect newly defined goals and objectives given the success achieved over the first three phases setting you up to continue using our ROADmap to Purpose and Profit System for growth and expansion.  Then, we begin implementation of the Prioritized Scalability Strategies toward continued progress.  Lastly, we will compare when we started this engagement to the results we have achieved today with a Final Engagement ROI Review to discuss how we will work together moving forward.

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Don't Take it from me

Our Clients Results

Gained Clarity In Areas of Business that Needed Improvement

Implemented Business Password Systems for Peace of Mind & Safety

Organized Email, Files & Information to Stop the Digital Clutter Frustration

Saved 10 Hours Per Week with Organized Digital Workspace

Saved $2,000 Per Year In Unused Software Expenses

Found $100,000 of Open Leads & Untapped Revenue with an Organized CRM

Added AR Software to Automate the Billing Collections Process

Created KPI & Metrics System to Incentivize Employees to Improve Productivity

Gave Business Owner Two, 2 Week Personal Vacations from the Business

Added Time for Family, Self Care, Hobbies & Interests into The Schedule

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So Here We Are....

What Does Your Life Look Like If Nothing Changes?

You will have More Ideas.
You will have More Goals.
You will have More Plans.
You will have More Dreams.

And yet, if you don't have system to organize everything - what happens?

And yet, if You don't set aside the time To implement them - what happens?

You guessed it. You will be in the SAME PLACE, with the SAME GOALS Year After Year. You will be Frustrated and Overwhelmed.

You Have a Choice. Do This or Do Nothing.

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