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Our Ideal Client

  • Who:  A growth minded company who wants to scale but feels stuck with the day to day management
  • What: An organization that needs operations & productivity support to help implement their vision & goals.
  • Company Size:  5 to 50 Contractors and/or Employees
  • Revenue:  Solopreneurs to $20M
  • B2B Verticals: Professional Services - Marketing Agency, PR & Media Agency, Website Development, Commercial Plumbing/Painting/Roofing/HVAC

Why Introduce Brittany & Co. to your Network?

  • Brittany Believes that No business owner should be left behind! You didn’t start your business to run a business, you started your business because you were good at something. Let me help you get back to that something instead of everything that bogs you down day to day.
  • We will provide your connection with recommendations that may or may not include working with us. Our goal is to be a resource. By introducing us, we will ensure that they find the right partners to help them grow and scale their business in the most efficient way possible.
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Our Process

ROAD to Scalability Framework

Over 90% of Small Business Owners Will Lose Revenue This Year Due to Inefficiencies In Their Operations. 

I solve this problem through a four-phased process broken into bite-sized chunks so you can keep running your business while we streamline your operations one step at a time. 

Phase 1: Review, Assessment & Planning

Phase 2: Optimization & Implementation

Phase 3: Automation & Refinement

Phase 4: Documentation & Delegation