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Facing Your Fears: Are They Real or Just Paper Tigers?

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Have you ever wondered why we freak out over stuff that’s actually not that scary?

You’ve probably heard of ‘paper tigers,’ right? It’s this cool term for stuff that seems super scary, but actually isn’t that big of a deal once you get up close. This is super relevant for folks starting their own business. You know, that fear of messing up? It’s like the head honcho of paper tigers.

Why Do We Get Scared?

Okay, so our brains can be a bit over the top sometimes. They’re trying to keep us safe, sure, but they can go a bit overboard. Think of it like turning a tiny ant hill into Mount Everest. Back in caveman days, this was pretty handy, but nowadays? Not every scary thing is actually life-threatening.

What’s the Real Deal with These ‘Paper Tigers’?

Most of the time, our fears are like the shadows in a dark room. They look huge and scary, but when we switch on the light – poof! – they’re not as big as we thought. For entrepreneurs, it’s the same deal with fears of failing, change, risk, and the unknown.

The cool thing is, when we start seeing these scary things as chances to learn and get better, they stop being so scary. It’s not about never being afraid. It’s about not letting the fear boss us around. When you face those fears, you might just find out you’re stronger than you thought.

What to Do with Them?

Next time you’re staring down one of these scary ‘paper tigers,’ remember it’s more noise than anything else. For us entrepreneurs, this means facing down our fears with a grin and a bit of guts. Each time you beat a fear, you’re not just moving forward, you’re getting tougher.

Talking about what scares us can make those fears way less intimidating. Plus, thinking back on times you’ve already kicked fear in the butt? That’s the stuff that builds up your confidence, so whenever you have a chance, share your experience and reflect on how you were able to overcome it. 

It’s totally okay to feel a bit freaked out. It means you’re human and helps us connect with others who might be feeling the same way. 

When I started my business, it was called Clutter Control. I helped moms and families declutter and organize their homes for a more peaceful and chaos-free environment. Then, down the road, I hired a business coach who taught me how to take my business online and work from home. And it was the best decision of my life! 

But guess what? My journey didn’t stop there. As I explored the online space and discovered my true passion, my business took yet another shift. I ventured into Business & Systems consulting, helping small businesses thrive. This change called for a new brand name, and that’s when Brittany & Co. was born.

Let me tell you, these transitions were not a walk in the park! The unknown, the changes, the extra work—it all came with its fair share of challenges. 😅 

But you know what? Seeing fears as opportunities to learn and grow can change the game. 

So, here’s my golden advice to you: 

  • Take a moment today to really think about what’s been on your mind in terms of challenges and goals. Identify one specific fear or obstacle that seems daunting.
  • Ask yourself why it scares you and how realistic those fears are. Assess its reality and plan a small step to tackle it, like writing that email you’ve been hesitating to send, making a key phone call, or setting a small, achievable goal. 

This simple act of reflection and action can transform how you confront fears, turning them into opportunities for growth and success. 

In a nutshell, seeing our fears as ‘paper tigers’ is a game-changer, both in life and in business. It’s all about how you handle these fears. Every entrepreneur gets scared, but it’s what you do with that fear that counts. Behind every ‘paper tiger’ is a chance to grow stronger and more awesome.


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