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Elevate Your Business With The “Days by Design” Operating System!

As a minimalist business strategist and productivity coach, my journey has taken me from organizing events to homes and, ultimately, businesses. I’m passionate about helping business owners avoid burnout while cultivating thriving enterprises.

I’m excited to introduce you to my unique “Days by Design Operating System” that will transform your life and business. This effective four-step cycle comprises Purge & Detox, Processes & Systems, Planning & Strategy, and Productivity on Purpose. Let’s dive right in!

Purge & Detox

The first step in the Days by Design Operating System is Purge & Detox. In a world constantly bombarded with information, decluttering is a must. Everything can be a source of clutter, from paperwork and digital files to emails, apps, and screenshots.

Making this detox routine part of your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule is a game changer. I’ve embraced minimalism here; for instance, I make sure to clear my screenshots weekly and clean up my laptop and desktop every day. The less clutter you have, the less stress you’ll feel, making you more productive.

Processes & Systems

Let’s move on to the second step: establishing efficient Processes & Systems. This step is like building the foundation of your business. Without it, growing your business can be an uphill struggle.

Begin by automating your most frequent tasks. Doing so saves time, allowing you to focus on more critical elements. Remember, the goal is to work smarter, not harder. As a business owner, essential systems include an organized digital workspace, a task management system, a CRM, and an information management system. Stick to the minimalist philosophy – less is more.

Planning & Strategy

Step three is ‘Planning & Strategy.’ You need a clear vision, goals, and a road map to reach your destination. While planning is about delineating the steps to your goals, strategy deals with your approach to these steps.

Remember, though, that plans and strategies may need adjustment along the way. The ability to pivot is crucial in the ever-changing business landscape.

Productivity on Purpose

The final step of the cycle is ‘Productivity on Purpose.’ It’s about focusing on the right things instead of trying to do everything.

Being “busy” and “productive” is not the same thing. Align your productivity with a purpose, and you’ll find accomplishing your tasks and goals easier.

By employing the Days by Design Operating System in a consistent manner—Purge & Detox, Setup Processes & Systems, Create a Plan & Strategy, and be Productive on Purpose—, you’ll be well-equipped to achieve your objectives, expand your business, and truly live your days by design!


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