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New Seasons, New Adventures: Time for a Business Strategy Refresh!

As the seasons change and we transition into new phases in our lives, it’s not just our personal spaces that need decluttering. In this fast-paced business world, we, as entrepreneurs, must continually evaluate our strategies, ensuring we shed outdated methods and adopt the new.

Let’s dive into crafting new and improved routines/habits that can refresh and rejuvenate your business strategy.

1. Organized Time Management – The Days By Design Method:

One of the most significant hurdles entrepreneurs face is managing time effectively. Often, the day ends, and they’re left wondering where the time went. The Days By Design Method emphasizes segmenting your day into purposeful chunks, making room for essential tasks, and eliminating those pesky time-wasters. This approach boosts productivity and ensures you’re spending time on tasks that directly contribute to your business growth.

2. Task Management – Keep It SIMPLE:

We often mistake being busy for being productive. It’s easy to drown in a sea of tasks, especially without a clear structure. However, a simplified task management system can be a game-changer. Prioritize tasks based on their importance and urgency. Use tools and apps to streamline processes and ensure that every task aligns with your business’s objectives.

Every entrepreneur has brilliant ideas, but the challenge lies in organizing these nuggets efficiently. Ditch the clutter and embrace a system that bridges the old-world charm of pen and paper with the efficiency of the digital age.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Unified Note-Taking: Transition from multiple notebooks to a singular note-taking space to ensure consistency and avoid misplacing ideas.
  2. Digital Transition Tools: Consider investing in an iPad or tablet, paired with an Apple Pencil or Stylus, to capture and systemize your notes seamlessly.
  3. Leverage GoodNotes App: This app lets you jot down ideas, categorize them, send notes directly to project management tools, and even turn handwritten notes into digital text.
  4. Backup & Accessibility: Ensure your notes are regularly backed up to places like Google Drive, guaranteeing safety and easy access from any device.
  5. Transition Aid: If you miss the texture of pen on paper, a “Paper-like” cover for the iPad can replicate that tactile sensation while embracing digital efficiency.

By simplifying and streamlining your note-taking process, you free up mental space, enhancing creativity and productivity. Embrace the blend of analog and digital for optimal efficiency.

3. Client Management Strategies:

Happy clients are the backbone of a thriving business. But managing client relations isn’t always a cakewalk. Consider implementing a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system. This helps in tracking client interactions and ensures timely follow-ups, leading to stronger relationships and repeat business.

Every successful business owner understands the importance of lead generation. Yet, leads without a strategy for nurturing, tracking, and converting them are like seeds without soil. A CRM is a powerful tool that transforms your leads from mere data points into potential thriving business relationships. If you’ve been relying on memory, sticky notes, or basic spreadsheet tools to track your leads and client interactions, it’s time to step up your game.

How can a CRM help your business?

  1. Detailed Lead Profiles: A robust CRM allows you to not just store contact information but also tag leads based on their source, potential value, preferences, and more. This categorization makes it easy to segment and target your communications effectively.
  2. Automated Follow-ups:One of the primary reasons leads go cold is the lack of timely follow-ups. A good CRM can automate reminders, ensuring that you never miss out on reaching back to a potential client at the right time.
  3. Analysis and Reporting: Understanding where your leads come from, which ones convert, and why others don’t is essential for refining your marketing and sales strategies. A CRM provides insights into these metrics, helping you make informed decisions.
  4. Integration with Other Tools: Whether it’s your email marketing tool, calendar, or project management software, a CRM that seamlessly integrates with other platforms enhances your productivity. For instance, tools like 17Hats can help streamline your processes by keeping everything connected.
  5. Client Journey Mapping: Your relationship with a client doesn’t end once they make a purchase. CRMs allow you to map out the entire client journey, ensuring you provide value at every stage, leading to higher client retention and loyalty.

Embracing a CRM system isn’t just about software; it’s about adopting a mindset that values every lead and prioritizes building and nurturing business relationships. Every interaction, every follow-up, and every connection is an opportunity to grow and strengthen your business. The right CRM can make all the difference!

4. Take Fridays Off – The Ultimate Detox:

Yes, you read that right! Having everything organized and streamlined in your business doesn’t just increase efficiency—it also opens up the opportunity for much-deserved breaks.

When we speak of detox in a business context, it encompasses not just eliminating inefficiencies but also rejuvenating the strategies that work. Taking Fridays off might seem unconventional, but with a well-structured system, it’s entirely achievable. It offers entrepreneurs a much-needed respite, setting the stage for them to return with fresh ideas, perspectives, and renewed enthusiasm.

5. Continuous Learning & Growth:

The business landscape is ever-evolving. To stay ahead, continuous learning is essential. Dedicate some time each week (maybe during your Friday off) to learn a new skill, understand market trends, or even brush up on time management techniques.


The journey of entrepreneurship is filled with challenges and victories alike. My mission is to help you navigate this journey with ease and efficiency. By consistently re-evaluating our strategies and refining our processes, we can move away from what holds us back, adopt innovative approaches, and set the stage for a brighter, more prosperous future.

Let’s embark on this journey together. Because a rejuvenated business strategy isn’t solely about growth; it’s about growing in the right direction.

Ready to redefine how you approach your business strategy? Join us at The Days by Design Challenge and let’s make every day count!

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