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Notebooks, Sticky Notes and Paper Oh My!

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Are you a serial note taker who has a desk full of sticky notes, note pads and journals galore, and digital files cluttering your desktop?

Your paper and files go missing.

You have sticky notes everywhere

You feel unorganized.

You lose things often.

You cannot track or systemize your thoughts and tasks.


The Problem with not having an organized note taking system is that as entrepreneurs we have SO MANY ideas and take TONS of notes while we are on calls with clients, networking connections, students and leads. We get off one call and move to the next call. Each with action items and information that we need to save somewhere.

The more organized you are with your notes, the more productive you can be with the relationships. You also need a CRM to keep track of relationships (Check out our other blog post to learn more about CRM’s)


I used to be a pen and paper (and 47 notebooks) kind of girl. I have the picture of all the paper notes and folders to prove it. I was cleaning out my old filing cabinet and found allllll of these paper notes. I am going to be going through them and throwing them away after I make sure there is not important information in them.


So if you are ready to have a more organized note taking system, I want to share what works for me and a ton of my clients

We have the perfect trio of tools to make your note-taking processes more efficient and productive!

iPad or tablet
Apple Pencil or Stylus
GoodNotes App

With this combo you can:

✅ Take Notes

✅ Organize Your Notebooks

✅ Send Notes Straight to Asana or other project management tools

✅ Take Screenshots

✅ Turn Your Notes into Text for email, or social content

✅ Have automatic backups to Google Drive


I know that the digital transition can be hard for people that love pen and paper. I have found that getting the “Paper like” cover for the ipad is super helpful in that transition.

If you are not ready to transition to digital notes and Goodnotes, I urge you to at least create just ONE notebook that you are taking notes in. Less is more!


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