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Stop Setting Goals (and what to do instead!)

Happy New Year! Happy 2023 – Out with the old and in with the new – what are your goals now that we are done with 2022?

So what is happening in 2023?

I can feel a shift in the universe and I feel big things happening.

Here are my goals for 2023:

– Continue taking Fridays Off – More calendar white space and fewer calls!
– Weekly Board Game Night with Family
– More Intentional time with Kenna & Layla
– More Travel – Universal Studios Trip, Nashville Mastermind, Austin TX Mastermind, Orlando FL Conference already planned – Plus living in an RV and traveling the states.
– Better self-care – water intake, vitamins, yoga, spa time etc
– Reading 2 books per month – 1 business and 1 personal
– Increase my take-home pay
– New Tattoo
– Take Cocktail/Food/Charcuterie Classes

But, I hate to break it to you, goals mean NOTHING without Daily Habits.

These goals above all have habits attached to them.
– Fridays Off – Always Planning to Make sure I get it all done before Friday
– Weekly board game night – on the calendar every Thursday
– More intentional time with Kenna & Layla – On my calendar and routine
– More travel – Making sure to plan trips or talk about trips and planning fun stuff at each family meeting on Sunday
– Better self care – Habit tracker installed on my phone for vitamins and water tracking
– Reading 2 books – On my habit tracker
– Increase take home pay – Do a weekly financial check in to pay off debt and find ways to cut expenses to increase my pay
– New tattoo – On my to do list and figuring out what I want.
– Take Cocktail/Food/Charcuterie Classes – On my task list to find these

So, what are your goals AND Habits? How are you creating your Days By Design?

Goals are good for dreaming, but Habits make it Happen. What is ONE small habit you can put in place to make sure you achieve a goal? Here are some examples

Goal: Learn Conversational Spanish – Habit: Add Spanish to Calendar for 15 Minutes Daily and do the Duolingo App

Goal: Lose 5 Pounds – Habit: Workout for 10 Minutes Daily on the Calendar

The moral of the story is that if you don’t add daily habits to meet your goals, those same goals will probably show up on your goal list next year and the year after. You have to create your Days by Design to incorporate daily actions to meet those goals.

Need help staying accountable to your goals and habits? Check out Productivity on Purpose. The ANTI-INFORMATION Co-working & Accountability Membership. Show up to Co-work (and stop working on these goals alone) and then fill out our Focus Form to have us check on you!


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