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The Step by Step System to Outsourcing Tedious Tasks to Get Back to Revenue Generating Activities!

Do you have some clients & results, but growth seems slow?

Do you feel like you are constantly distracted and can’t focus on anything?

Are you working on little back end tasks that do nothing for growth?

Are you always bouncing between apps and programs?

Are you always putting revenue generating activities to the bottom of the list?


You may be ready to outsource to a virtual assistant! Yay!


But I know that the thought of that is overwhelming. I know what you are thinking…

⏰ I don’t have time to teach someone how to do things

✅ It’s faster if I just do it myself

🧠 I am the only one that knows how to do it – it’s in my head

📒 I can’t give an assistant my notebooks and to do lists

✔️ I don’t want to have to keep checking in on them

💻 My files, emails, passwords, documents & notes are a #hotmessexpress

If this sounds like you, don’t fret. There is an answer!

What if I told you that your business could be ready for an Assistant in a week?

That you could have all the systems to Onboard them, Train them, Give them tasks and save yourself time.

In just a week….


Here is what you need to get ready to efficiently bring on an assistant to take over those tedious tasks.


Purge & Detox:

Detox Your Digital Workspace (Bookmarks, passwords, extensions etc)

Detox your laptop and desktop filse

Detox your Emails

Detox your Google Drive

Detox your paper, notebooks, sticky notes etc


Processes & Systems:

Simplified Digital Workspace

Email Folders

Google Drive Folders

Color Coded Calendar

Task/Project/Team Management System

CRM System (Customer Relationship Manager)

SOP System (Standard Operating Procedures)

If you can clean up your digital workspace, delete digital clutter and create simple step by step systems – you will be able to outsource better.

-You will be able to have a checklist to onboard a new assistant quickly

-You will be able to have a checklist to onboard a new client (hello consistent client experience!)

-You will be able to share passwords with an assistant (without giving them the password and compromising the security of your business)

-You will be able to assign an assistant a task and see if it’s complete without having to email, text, call and remember to circle back to see if it’s done.

-You will be able to find files in second, not minutes.

-You will be able to work with 7 tabs open, not 47.

-You will be able to do more follow up and close more deals.

-You will be able to feel less mental load and overwhelm and feel more organized.

-You will feel more like a true CEO and not just an overworked employee.


Are you ready to bring on help in your business?

Brittany Dixon & Co.

Hi, I'm Brittany!

Mom of Twins. Dog Mom. Lover of books, charcuterie boards, wine, board games (I have over 95!), bougie cocktails, candy and basically all sweets!!

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