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Surgery Update And How I Prepared

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As you may know, I had a surgery on Monday last week. I had to have a uterine fibroid removed that has been there for over 6 years. I finally made the decision to get it done before we travel and hit the road and although the short term is not the most fun, I know it will be better in the long term. The past 2 weeks have been a roller coaster but things are getting better day by day. I am feeling good. I am still having some pain but I am up and walking around and moving. Definitely taking it slow and resting a ton.

I am really really glad that I spent a ton of time planning and preparing before surgery.

I love that quote “Failing to Plan is planning to Fail” — it is so so true!

Here are some of the things I did as I prepared for being off for the week of surgery that made it go much more smoothly and stress free.


  1. Rearranged my calendar. I made sure that I had no calls, no meetings and nothing I was tied to specific times for.
  2. Moved Asana tasks around. I made sure that none of my Asana tasks fell during that week.
  3. Set my Email out of office.
  4. Gave my assistant content to schedule on social media and email
  5. Scheduled follow up emails to current prospects
  6. Filled my calendar with sales calls for the week after surgery
  7. Posted on social to let people know I was out of office


  1. Made a list of people for Steven to update after surgery
  2. Asked for help (this is a tough one for me!)
  3. Made arrangements for childcare, taking kids to school, picking them up etc
  4. Made arrangements for dog sitters
  5. Made sure the house was really clean
  6. Had a grocery order picked up
  7. Got a seat ready on the couch at home with a side table with everything I needed (Chargers, books, medicine, headphones, remote, water bottle etc)

Planning for a week off for surgery (or anything really) requires some preparation and planning, but it can help you feel more in control and reduce anxiety. I know that if I would not have prepared these things ahead of time I would have felt a lot more stress during a really stressful week.


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