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When Clutter Takes Over Your Business

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We all know that Clutter is Stressful (with a capitol S!) weather digital OR physical clutter.

We all know that Clutter is Distracting and can make us lose focus in business (AND Life!)

But it happens SO quickly.

Emails come in, sticky notes pile up, you keep using notebook after notebook and now you lost your notes, more and more expenses keep adding on, digital files are everywhere and before you know it, it paralyzes you.

So we know that we work best in less clutter, but how can we get there.

The first step I have people do is a 5 Part Reset. Go through these 5 areas and delete as much as possible!

1 – Phone Apps
2 – Screenshots & Photos on your phone
3 – Texts, DM’s on Social, Voicemails
4 – Desktop Files/Paper Clutter
5 – Notebooks/Sticky Notes

Once you have done that – I highly suggest that you do a Digital Detox in these areas and delete as much as possible.

1 – Computer Apps
2 – Email Inboxes – All of them
3 – Digital Files, Photos etc on Your Desktop, Laptop and any Device Home Screens
4 – Google Drive (Or other Digital Storage Drive)

There are also areas of “clutter” that can bog us down.

  • Business Expenses – Are you using everything you are paying for and can you cut anything out?
  • Offers/Services – Can you streamline your services and cut things out?
  • Time Audit – Can you do a time audit for a week and REALLY see where your time is going?
  • Systems Audit – Go through and write down all the systems, tools and tech that you are using and make sure you REALLY need it!

My biggest advice is to just take some time to purge things. You can’t start to get organized if you have clutter in the way that doesn’t belong. If you organize stuff you don’t need you are just wasting time.

After you start to declutter and remove all the clutter we use the BCO Method to Organize EVERYTHING! (Emails, Files Folders, Tasks, Calendar and more!) Check out this video to see how we suggest organizing your Digital Workspace.


Want to learn more about the Purging Phase of our Days By Design Method & Operating System? Check out our Private Podcast Training Series Days By Design here.


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