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What Productivity Really Means (and doesn’t mean)

Let’s breakdown some of the myths around productivity today.

When we hear phrases like “You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce” and “Work hard now, play hard later”, we are feeding into the myth that we do not have what it takes to be productive and live the life we love today.

Instead of motivating us, these phrases are holding us back to the idea that we are not as productive as we can be.

Productivity does not mean that you are constantly busy.

Productivity does not mean a full calendar all the time. 

Productivity is not making a huge list of tasks that are busy work 

Productivity is not hustling 24/7 for that greatness someday.

Productivity is not running running running all the time.

Being productive means that we are able to get meaningful things done in a small set amount of time without distraction so that we can focus on what really matters. When we are hustling 24/7, we are not allowing our minds to take a rest, which leads to distraction and burnout.

Rest IS productive

White Space on your calendar IS Productive

Doing Hobbies IS Productive

​​​​​​​Working from the couch IS productive

When we are constantly busy, we tell ourselves that we have to continue to be constantly busy to see results, But not running like a well-oiled machine means that there is no room for emotion and productivity is actually heavily based on emotion.

If you are taking the time for self-care, clearing the clutter that is taking up space (both in real life, online and in your mind), and allowing yourself to process and feel your emotions, then you can be productive (on purpose!)

This is when your brain will not be multi-tasking because you are giving those other important things the space that they need. This cuts down on the distractions.

Creating systems cuts down on distractions because it tells your brain what to expect.

How can you stop being “busy” and start being productive?


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